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Heel and Head Ropes Review by Brett Berry 0

Heel Ropes:
As far as heel ropes go I am definitely not in the minority.  I only use Rattler GT4’s (M-HM).
I’m not putting myself on the level of world champs like Rich Skelton, Jade Corkill, Walt Woodard or Kollin VonAhn, but I like the rope for the same reason they do. The Rattler has the most body, tip control, action and speed. On top of its feel the quality seems to be more consistent than any other rope. The Rattler can be used brand new but it also improves with use.
Head Ropes:
I jump back and forth between a Classic Heat or Spydr. Honestly, it sometimes just depends on my mood. They both are very fast, consistent and durable.

The "TNT" By: Barrett Littell 0

TNT by Cactus Ropes:
If you are someone that likes a large felling rope with the weight to match, this might be the one for you. The TNT by Cactus is what I would consider an old school feel with the tip weight and action of the newer generation ropes. This rope has a great feel to it right off the TNT Cactus Rope Headrack and really hits the ground with very little bounce. If you like a rope that has more of a dead feel to it, but still has the body to set a nice big trap, the TNT is a great choice. This rope does seem to break down in the heat fairly fast, but it is a great winter/spring rope.
  • Burge Linton

The "Nitro" By: Barrett Littell 0

Nitro by Cactus Ropes:
Nitro by Cactus RopesThis rope has a very small diameter with lots of speed for a heel rope, but don't be fooled, it has plenty of tip weight and a great feel. The Nitro has a highly visible color and hits the ground with very little bounce. This rope does seem to break down a little faster than some of the others, but has a great feel right off the rack. Because of this ropes faster action and feel, this would be a rope that someone a mid-amateur or higher would be comfortable using in order to stay safe in the dally.
  • Burge Linton

"The Shark" By: Barrett Littell 0

Shark by Lone Star:
The first thing I notice about this rope is the highly visible color. The weight of the rope is about average.  Before I swing any of my ropes I try and put a stretch on them. This rope doesn't feel as heavy as some others do in your hand, but when swinging the rope it has great tip weight and an easy feel. In the field the rope has more of a dead feel when the rope hits the ground and it lands very true. This is a rope that I would recommend for a novice to true beginner roper. This rope will give you the ability to really feel the tip of your rope in your swing and also land with very little bounce to improve your accuracy. The Shark also has plenty of body to it in the medium lay that you can set a big open loop in front of your target without feeling like you are swinging a cable. 
  • Burge Linton

From the Manager's Desk: Winter Bad Habits 1

When roping the dummy here at the office I have to be careful not to play too much.  I don’t want to take the fun out of it, but I have noticed that I have to change my normal swing to catch on the heel side. Due to the way the smaller dummy is made, it makes me tend to scoop the heels.  As a lower number roper, I generally use the trap method to heel.  Roping these small dummies, that method is about useless.  You simply cannot get your tip through using this method.  So after I play for a while I go back and rope a sawhorse I set up out back, simply to get a few proper throws in.

  • Burge Linton