From the Manager's Desk: Winter Bad Habits

From the Manager’s Desk:
Well, it’s January 17th and I haven’t been able to rope all year.  Between the weather and a hectic schedule its been tough.  Talking to customers on a daily basis about what ropes they are using and how they have done at ropings lately makes the itch much worse.
To try and fight it, I have been roping the dummy quite a bit. Fortunatley, I have a few ropes and dummies laying around the office. While roping the dummy, I noticed that I start picking up on some bad habits, which I’m sure several of you can relate to.
When roping the dummy here at the office I have to be careful not to play too much.  I don’t want to take the fun out of it, but I have noticed that I have to change my normal swing to catch on the heel side.  Due to the way the smaller dummy is made, it makes me tend to scoop the heels.  As a lower number roper, I generally use the trap method to heel.  Roping these small dummies, that method is about useless.  You simply cannot get your tip through using this method.  So after I play for a while I go back and rope a sawhorse I set up out back, simply to get a few proper throws in.


On the head side, it is a little more life-like.  I find that while “playing”, I tend to lean forward and out as I throw so I can get the dummy turned quick for the heeler.  To combat this, I try to rope the dummy a few times properly and not turn the dummy at the end. 

The forecast is pretty here in East Texas, so maybe I can run a few steers this weekend.

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  • Burge Linton
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  • Chris Ford
    Chris Ford

    This is a good point, i tend to play around on the heading dummy, and although i dont head much, before im done, i work on a few drills to fix any bad habits i have picked up. Its very easy to make bad habits and twice as hard to fix them. Slow, consistent drills is the best way i have found to help keep muscle memory

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