"The Shark" By: Barrett Littell

Shark by Lone Star:
The first thing I notice about this rope is the highly visible color. The weight of the rope is about average.  Before I swing any of my ropes I try and put a stretch on them. This rope doesn't feel as heavy as some others do in your hand, but when swinging the rope it has great tip weight and an easy feel. In the field the rope has more of a dead feel when the rope hits the ground and it lands very true. This is a rope that I would recommend for a novice to true beginner roper. This rope will give you the ability to really feel the tip of your rope in your swing and also land with very little bounce to improve your accuracy. The Shark also has plenty of body to it in the medium lay that you can set a big open loop in front of your target without feeling like you are swinging a cable. 

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  • Burge Linton
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