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Meet Sponsored Rider: Barrett Littell 3

Meet Barrett Littell.  He has been a devoted encourager since we first opened our Ropes for Less Shopify doors some four to five years ago.  It was only right that we offer him our full support by cheering him on during his rodeo seasons as one of our Sponsored Riders.

Barrett Littell

Barrett is a down-to-earth guy that just loves to team rope.  Harking from a small town in Arizona called Wickenburg, Barrett serves as a Fire Captain and Paramedic for the Daisy Mountain Fire Department in north Phoenix.  He is married to Tara and they have two kids, Brook (4) and Eli (1).  Come to find out, Barrett is in good company with his love for team roping in Wickenburg.  “Most call it the team roping capital of the world because of the number of ropings we have here in the winter from September to March.  The town population triples in the winter months and most are team ropers.”  Growing up around the rodeo, Barrett saw his father compete for many years in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) in steer wrestling and then serving as a PRCA judge.  Barrett was on horseback at a young age enjoying most of his summers learning how to ride and participating in the local 4H club.  He also spent a lot of time showing horses and learning different disciplines.   “My advice for beginners is....

Meet Sponsored Rider: Tracy Bell 0

tracy bellTracy Bell is a California girl, but rather than catching waves, this passionate blonde is barrel racing and team roping around the Mojave Desert.  Ridgecrest, California is a quaint little town centered around a Navy Base Tracy has worked on for seventeen years with the Department of Defense.  "We are a pretty patriotic community.  Traffic stops at 8am every morning for the National Anthem you can hear being played city wide."  Along with her ten-year-old daughter, Jessie, Tracy loves keeping the western heritage alive by competing in rodeos and being around horses every chance that she gets.  “As a Rodeo Queen back in the day, I got to share the western way of life with so many that do not realize that it is still alive and strong these days.  I love sharing my passion because I know I was once a horse-crazy, little girl too.”  At 43 years old, we are glad to hear that Tracy never really outgrew that horse-crazy stage and keeps pushing herself to learn more about these amazing animals. 

Tracy comes from a non-horse family.  At the age of ten, Tracy begged her parents to get her a horse and they thankfully obliged.  Boarding her horse outside of town gave Tracy the chance to be around all sorts of four-legged creatures.  “I rode pretty much everything that was said to be ‘broke to ride’ from donkeys to Clydesdales.”  Tracy’s first riding instructor was big into horse shows so she naturally started in that arena, but she quickly realized she had a need for speed.  "I started out showing in some local horse shows, but the feeling of going slow didn't hold enough challenge or give me the adrenaline rush I felt I needed....

Meet Sponsored Rider: Zane Kilgus 1

Zane Kilgus roping

Rodeo is not just a part of Zane Kilgus’ life, it’s in his blood.  From his parents meeting at a rodeo, to the words “finals qualifier” and “champion” being common titles in their family, Zane is following in their footsteps to Rodeo greatness.  At age fourteen, Zane already has an impressive resume with a National Junior High School Rodeo Association (NJHSRA) Rookie Reserve All-Around Champion for 2015 title at the top.  Also on his resume from last year, Zane finished in the top 10 in the nation in tie-down calf roping and goat tying, he also claimed 14th in chute dogging at Finals. “My practice, hard work and dedication, along with guidance and support from family have allowed me to reach this level.”  With older brother, Zach, leading the way with a First Frontier Circuit Triple Crown Win and multiple other qualifications,...


Meet Sponsored Rider: Sonya DeHaven 0

Sonya DeHaven

You have not met a sweeter person than Sonya DeHaven.  At forty years young, Sonya is married to Jason and is the proud mother of four children, Tylar, Dylan, Charley, and Faith, ranging in ages from twenty to three.  Although she only started barrel racing three years ago, Sonya is addicted to the friendly, competitive spirit and comaraderie of the sport.  Naming family as her biggest blessing, it is no surprise the thing Sonya enjoys most about the Rodeo is that it seems like One Big Family.

Born into an Airforce family, Sonya is the third daughter of four.  Most of her life was spent growing up in the south, particularly Louisiana.  Although she was not allowed to have horses growing up, Sonya said she always found a way to be near animals. “Since we were a military family, we lived in base housing so having horses wasn't permitted.  We could only have small animals that could be easily moved in a hurry. I have always found a way to bring home every sick animal, insect, bird or lizard. I have a way with animals and have always loved them.”  This love for animals eventually led her to pursue becoming a licensed Veterinary Technician and Pet Groomer.  From her home on the DeHaven Farm in Virginia raising cattle,...

Meet Sponsored Rider: Landry Rice 0

Pole Bending, Barrel Racing, Goat Tying, and Breakaway Roping are some of the events that our youngest Ropes for Less Sponsored Rider names in her resumé.  At ten years old, Landry Rice has big dreams to become a professional barrel racer and compete in the big leagues of the National Finals Rodeo and The American Rodeo.  Although she has a couple of years to achieve that dream, Landry is already competing in rodeos all over the nation. 

The small town that Landry calls home in Indiana is a short hop over the Ohio River to the sounds of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville.  Horse racing culture is understandably big in the area, which means that the rodeo culture tends to play second fiddle.  Landry got involved in a local rodeo association, the Southern Indiana Junior Rodeo Association (SIJRA), that seeks to preserve and promote the sport of rodeo for children in preschool through the 8th grade.  Landry has a good schedule of practicing six to eight hours a week under the watchful eye of her dad, Tim Rice, who also rides, and her coach, Beverly Dietrich.  “I work with [my] coach every week… She really helps me in all of my events.  I talk to her before every run and she really helps me get better.”  Landry Rice Pole BendingAlthough Landry admits to getting nervous before her run, she practices a simple technique: “I take a deep breath and keep telling myself I can do this.”  All of her can-do attitude paid off last year as she qualified to compete for the first time in the National Little Britches Rodeo Association (NLBRA) Finals 2015 held in Pueblo, Colorado.  The NLBRA was created in 1952....

Meet Sponsored Rider: Chris Ford 0

Chris FordWatching the glorious sunrises and sunsets, unhindered by twinkling city lights, and the quiet peace of country living is where we can find one of our Sponsored Riders, Chris Ford.  Life in DeBerry, Texas, population 3,000, is full of pastures with plenty of room to let the kids run free and plenty of room to rope some steers.  At 32 years old, Chris lives with his amazing wife, Casandra, and their two beautiful daughters, Caylee and Camryn.  (This clan has a thing for “C’s.”)  Most days you can find Chris welding oil pipelines in the great heat of Texas, but in his spare time he likes to rope or go fishing with his girls.  “My dad, Richard Ford, is who got me interested in roping.  He started when I was about six, and, already having a love for horses and wanting to be just like my dad, it felt natural for me to want to rope.”  Although Chris started roping at a young age, he openly admits that learning to rope can be difficult.  “The hardest part about learning to rope is the time and patience required, and understanding that you are going to fail.  For a beginner, the best advice I could give is ....