Blanketing For Cold Weather

As it gets colder, your horse may need a winter blanket to maintain optimal health and fitness throughout the winter. We carry a selection from CTI, JT International, Professional's Choice, and Equibrand. How do you know what kind of blanket you need? What size do you need? Should you be blanketing? Check out our short guide below.

1. What kind of blanket do I need?

Blankets have two classifications, Denier and Fill. Denier is the amount of nylon fiber density. The higher the denier, the more durable and water resistant it is. We currently carry a turnout sheet, a 210D, a 420D, a 600D and a 1200D. Fill is how much polyester filling is in the blanket, usually measured in grams. The fill is important when you are considering temperature blanketing, described in Item #3 below. Blanket weights are classified as Light, Medium, and Heavy weight, and an additional Harsh Conditions.

  • Light Sheet: 0 g. (no fill)
  • Medium Sheet: 150-225 g of fill
  • Heavy Sheet: 250-370 g of fill
  • Harsh Conditions: 400 g of fill

2. How do I measure my horse?

3. Do I need to blanket my horse?

Clipped Horse:
  • 45º F Light blanket
  • 35º F Medium blanket
  • 25º F Heavy blanket
  • 15º F Heavy blanket, liner + hood
  • below 10º F Heavy, liner + hood; add polar fleece for clipped

Unclipped Horse:

  • 45º F No blanket
  • 35º F Light blanket
  • 25º F Medium blanket
  • 15º F Heavy blanket + hood
  • below 10º F Heavy blanket, liner + hood

Check out this handy infograph from our friends over at HorseDVM. Original source here: